Is there a winter flash off?

2010-12-20 11:35:42 by Catoblerone

If yes, what's the deadline?

Also, the best videogame music is in the old school shit like jurassic park for the nes or secret of mana etc. but is there any cool new(ish) vgm? like this?

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2010-12-20 11:39:32

search "ddr" on youtube


2010-12-20 11:42:23

There is a winter flash off but Tom hasn't really announced any prizes or anything due to budget.


2010-12-20 11:58:25

eeerg have you mentioned Jurassic park, love that shit oddly enough i just finished playing harassment park on sc2.


2010-12-20 12:02:33

the budget is 1 million dollars

Catoblerone responds:

I'll settle for two


2010-12-20 12:24:50

I'm still managing the holiday collection and will likely announce "the best" after the holidays, but as FKWJP said I haven't committed any money to it, namely because there is none WHOOOOOOOPS.


2010-12-20 12:37:32

Aww no money :( That's gay.

Catoblerone responds:


i don't do this for money. I do this for the death threats


2010-12-20 13:31:32

If you're looking for great video game music, you MUST check out the soundtracks from and related to the Touhou Project (which, like Mushihimesama, happens to be a series of vertical bullet hell shmups).

Try this: Disciple

That user has uploaded a nice collection of official songs from the Touhou games that should be more than enough to get you started.

Here's one that's somewhat similar in style to your example from Mushihimesama: rFp8U

Here are a few others that also fit into the "super epic" category: qKpVM reoMc

For maximum enjoyment, try listening to (2) right after (1).
1) xdFjQ
2) rwbU4

And that's just a taste. Poke around the guy's channel for more.

I should also mention that the feelings you'll get from hearing these songs will be significantly enhanced if you hear them while playing the Touhou games.

Hope you like 'em. :)


2010-12-20 22:34:40

Tip o' the penis to ya!


2010-12-21 03:08:47

I dunno but you should make something anyway. :) I wanna see more catoblepasssss.


2010-12-25 00:23:29

Merry Christmas!